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Amos Power The Future of Electric On the Farm and In the Field

Amos becomes the benchmark in autonomous vehicle production.

The multifunctional engineering and product development team at One3 Design has envisioned and developed an Autonomous, Modular, Omni-Scalable (Amos) zero-emissions tractor in under 9 months. Our talented and experienced team of design engineers, fabricators, and technicians have innovation at their core. This passion for innovation and results-driven engineering allowed us to accomplish what would take most several years, in just 9 short months.

Our multifunctional engineering and prototyping team at One3 Design has completed the project appropriately named Amos. Amos the acronym for Autonomous, Modular, Omni-Scalable, is a tractor design equipped with an impressive and entirely electric powertrain that possesses the ability to remove the operator through autonomous technology. Amos is a strong marker of the future of autonomous vehicles and their ability to impact industries like agriculture in a remarkable way.

Designing and building a small, modular vehicle powerful enough to pull large loads along precise routes proved to be a significant engineering challenge. Watch our film to see Amos transform from ideation to completion.

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Episode 1, Chasing Perfection

When your chasing perfection, you better have your seat belt fastened. Because the ride tends to be long, a bit bumpy and filled with twists and turns. But as they say, the journey is what makes the destination that much more worthwhile.

Our journey involved taking the time to get the details right and details often get overlooked. We were not going to let that happen. Not for one minute. We knew that the right team would achieve our goal of perfection, so we got a premier team of experts to join with us.

Our film Chasing Perfection highlights our team and all the effort that went into designing the next big thing: A full electric and autonomous tractor. One we named AMOS. In the film, hear all the different ways our executive staff holds employees to a higher standard. Specifically, you will hear from the man who inspired us all, Founder and CEO Tom Boe.

In this episode, you will also hear from Director of Business Development Clay Martin, and a few of our engineers. They talk about everything from drawings all the way to the prototyping solutions for our creation. We hope you enjoy! And when you are done watching, head right over to Episode 2: Embracing the Challenge.

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Episode 2, Embracing the Challenge

In our sequel to Episode 1, Chasing Perfection, you learned what inspires us. In Episode 2, Embracing the Challenge see just what that inspiration has led to. You will learn from our team what is behind the inspiration for the latest in farming technology, our fully electric and autonomous tractor AMOS. Hear how our product development team takes an idea from paper to prototype.

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Episode 3, Adjusting the Lens for a Clear Target

In our third installment of the AMOS docu-series, Adjusting the Lens for a Clear Target. Our team members speak about the challenges we ran into when developing the future of electricity on the farm and in the field, AMOS our fully electric autonomous tractor. Some challenges cannot be overcome and turn into failures, just 2 short weeks away that is exactly what happens.

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Episode 4, Nothing Grows Without Rain

0.6 Meters of workspace that holds 14,000 Newtons pulling force! Ready for a glimpse into the inner workings of AMOS? Episode 4: Nothing Grows Without Rain gives viewers the chance to see more of the functional details on our early prototype unit. Such as two liquid-cooled AC motors combined to create 40HP at the drawbar.

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Episode 5, Introducing Amos
"Science can amuse and fascinate us all but it is engineering that changes the world"
- Isaac Asimov

AMOS will change how the world looks at Autonomous Tractors. From vision to completion in 9 months, AMOS is not only an engineering feat but a testament to the power of teamwork. Thank you to everyone who made the journey along with us. Our final installment... Episode 5.

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Amos is now a benchmark in autonomous power unit production and sets the stage for the future of using technology and engineering across multiple platforms.
We’ve spent the last 20 years designing tractors and heavy equipment for some of the biggest manufacturers in the nation. We are a team of experienced and talented innovators who are guided by efficient processes and results-driven engineering. Learn more about us.
Why Amos?
CEO and Founder Tom Boe’s grandfather was named Amos. A simple man from humble upbringings, but a very hard worker. One3 Design's product development team kept these traits in mind when envisioning their first autonomous power unit. Watch our documentary to learn more about Amos.
The Future of the Future
Our second iteration of Amos is already in development. We expect to release this new version in the spring of 2021. This autonomous vehicle will be even better than the first.
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