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One3 Design, Founded in 1998

Our team partners with design teams to bring ideas to market.

Partnering with clients to bring their ideas to fruition.

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Advanced PTC Creo
We focus on advanced PTC Creo design that helps our customers spend less time designing their product and more time manufacturing it. Our 20+ years of parametric design experience is a unique advantage and it’s just one of the attributes that makes us an industry leader. We have built a team unlike any other industrial design firm, allowing us to complete concepts with unparalleled quality.

Every year One3 Design continues to grow. We started in 1998 with one employee -- President Tom Boe. From 2000 to 2005, Pro/E design was established as a primary focus. During the fall of 2008, ground was broken on an 8,000-square foot facility. Growth continued rapidly, and in 2012 another 7,500-square foot of building space was added. This addition featured three 5-ton cranes. In 2016, a facility was added in Grovetown, Georgia. Grovetown was chosen to better support a client’s manufacturing operation and in 2019, an additional 7,500-square foot was added.

The Future
At One3 Design, consideration of the future is an action of the present. We truly believe the future of our company lies in the hands of our customers and the minds of our young engineers. One3 Design remains firmly committed to the engineering community. We believe a key to success lies in continuing to educate and train our staff long after formal schooling has been completed. As for our customers, we believe that a spirit of partnership along with the desire to serve will help us maintain our role as a preferred supplier for years to come.

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