Tooling and Fixture Design and Fabrication

At One3 Design, we continue to grow and develop in an effort to better meet our clients’ needs. With the addition of 5,000 square feet in 2013, we now offer expanded capabilities.

Tooling DesignDesign
From the very beginning our modelers have been providing pattern shops with quality cast iron and plastic process tooling models. Our engineers are consulted for their input, checking and repairing draft, machine stock, and parting lines. We can set up core prints, build core boxes and pattern models as well as create complete follow board surfaces. Important aspects of tooling design, such as proper core to cope and drag clearances, are ensured by our designers.

One3 Design’s facilities continue to boast additional capabilities in the area of fabrication. We recently set up a new shop where we can grow this burgeoning area of business. By working closely with a large number of industrial partners, we can now assist with all aspects of your project.