About Us

Surfacing Solutions Inc. is now One3 Design, Inc.

On November 1st, 2013, we changed our name from Surfacing Solutions to One3 Design. The change better reflects our mission, goals and objectives. Specifically:

  • One3 Design and our broader purpose. Our original name, Surfacing Solutions, was based on our core competency of surfacing, an industry specialty back in 1998. While our experienced modelers, talented in cosmetic surfacing, are still important, One3 Design encompasses many more specialties today.
  • One3 Design and our expertise. As our firm grew, we developed into three separate areas of expertise, with one set of goals and values.
  • One3 Design and our tradition. It’s important to note that this change was not the result of new ownership or a merger, but rather a choice to better reflect our modern business.

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